Ten Things to know about New Port

No Icons Present: New Port is the newest of the Seven Cities, which means that it’s something like two or three hundred years old. Most historians claim that it was created by refugees when Drakkenhall was overrun by the monsters. New Port is run by an Imperial Governor named Staadtholder Buusch, but Staadtholder does not govern with a firm hand. So far, no single power has established dominance in the city. There are opportunities for PCs to be involved in most any type of plot or power struggle.

Money is Power: With no one Icon personally present or even holding complete authority over New Port, wealthy merchants have assumed tremendous influence of all aspects life and commerce. 10 powerful families control trade and other day-to-day concerns. They maintain standing companies of mercenaries that combined would be more than a match for the city watch, and the Imperial Governor keeps a close eye to be certain no alliance grows too strong. 

Wasteland and Water: New Port is a port city with the wilderness at its back. The territory between the Wild Wood and the city limits are trackless and desolate. The wasteland is literally a no-man's land unclaimed by the High Druid and unusable by the Empire.

City of Limiteless Opportunity (Restrictions Apply).  A commercial powerhouse, New Port thrives because it is beholden to no single power. That said, the trade and merchant guilds guard their secrets and interests carefully. As adventurers and freebooters rise in reputation, they will attract the patronage of the trade guilds and the scrutiny of the mercenary guilds and THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN ENTREPRENEURS which is absolutely NOT a thieves guild.

City of Laws.  New Port is a city of laws. There is a stable, established tradition of law enforcement that all citizens, from the Governor appointed by the empire, to the noble families and guild houses all the way to the merchants, fisherman and street sweepers are beholden to. Naturally, some are more beholden than others. The Black Caps, officially known as the Honourable Company of Lamplighters and Watchmen, better known for the distinctive floppy black hats they wear, are charged with the protection of property and public order, and the investigation of all crimes that occur on land.

Home of the Second Imperial Fleet. New Port is the permanent home of the Empire's second strongest navy. That is three score ships ranging from sixty gun capitol ships to small yachts used for raids and patrols, and several hundred sailors and officers. The strongest navy is either the  First Imperial Fleet stationed at Axis or perhaps the Lich King's Armada of Drowned Men. It's a question no one wants to be answered.

Neighbor to the Sea Elves' Kingdom. Scholars of the Elven Races talk of the tree aspects of the Elf Queen reflected in the diverse natures Wood, High, and Dark Elves. Often overlooked, the enigmatic Sea Elves are said to be offshoots of the High Elves, yet their culture and traditions are as secretive as the subterranean Dark Elves. The Empire and the Sea Elves have many complex treaties governing sea traffic over and around the waters the Elves claim as their own. 

History of New Port Transcends the Age: New Port is in an ideal place for a port city, which has been true for ages. Basements, dungeons and other subterranean rooms occasionally open into the remains of an ancient and mysterious city that scholars can credit to no known age.

The Parliament of Icons Some cities such as Bluffside are governed by officials who report to the powers of the Empire. In New Port, 11 of the 13 Icons are represented by appointed officials. Their influence over New Port affairs ebb and flow with time, tide and seasons. Absent are the Orc Lord and The Prince of Shadows, neither who are much for meetings. Surprisingly present are the Lich King, the Three and the Diabolist. Ä woman claiming to be The Diabolist's representative simply appeared last year, and no one can verify if she's legitimate or not.

Adventurers Wanted! Patrons Needed! The Ten Families, the Parliament, the countless guilds, merchants, traders,  smugglers, fences, naval officials pursuing off-the-record goals, honest folk who don't trust the watch, collectors and scholars seeking information or artifacts from lost Cynidicea or the Wasteland or the Wild Wood, foreign agents and more all have need for discreet, professional persons of action to help resolve   various matters. Resolving these matters within city limits can lead to career-ending legal complications (murder is a crime) and having a powerful friend to call upon in these times of need is a necessity. 

Notes for PC Creation

  1. Campaign is contemporary to Bluffside and Queen's River, so Dragon Empire as written in the source book.
  1. Races and classes from core books are all great. Standard 28 point buy.
  1. Please give me a few sentences one 1 ally from your character's past and one enemy. I'll use them as NPC's.
  1. Don't forget your One Unique Thing!

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